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ShadetheWox is a Multimedia Artist, Entertainer, Raver, and Crossdresser/player. Humans make life so complicated, wash your worries away and party with the Original Wox.

What is a Wox?

" A Wox is a combination of a Wolf and a Fox, it is my believe that I was reincarnated into a human form however my mentality is Wox. Therefor I am not a human."

Optimal Goal: To make life worth living for others, to show the brighter side of this world, party 24/7.

"I have faught through the path of ending my life, but I see now...that life is worth living.. and I want to help every being in this world that has been or going through what I had to struggle for my entire life ...pure Happiness"

I bring my stereo to all conventions: feel free to dance along with me and have an eternal party!

I am majoring in Illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design.

However I use all mediums therefor I Am:

A Multimedia Artist