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Friday, July 5 • 6:30pm - 7:45pm

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FRIDAY JULY 5, 2013 @ 6:30PM

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A new FSC event! The FSC Masquerade Costume Competition is where costuming and cosplay go to the next level! This is a competition based on performance and presentation.

(Additional prizes may be added at anytime at Masquerade Directors discretion)
Best in Show: $1,000 cash prize. Award trophy.
Best in Show - Runner Up (2nd place): $150 cash prize. Award Trophy.
Con Chair Spotlight: $150 cash prize. Award Trophy.
Best Junior / Youth: $50 cash prize. Award Trophy.
Best Animated (Cartoon / Anime / Video Game): $100 cash prize. Award Trophy.
Best Adventure / Fantasy: $100 cash prize. Award Trophy.
Best Comic Book / Graphic Novel: $100 cash prize. Award Trophy.
Best Sci-Fi / Steampunk: $100 cash prize. Award Trophy.
Judges Awards (3): Award Trophy

Contestants can enter as individuals or as a group and will be judged based on stage performance and costumes. Think of it as a costume talent show... more than just a cosplay contest, this is your chance to put on a performance as the character(s) you are portraying! The competition takes place at 6:30pm on Friday July 5, 2013.

AWARDS: All awards, with the exception of the Con Chair Spotlight and Judges Awards will be chosen by majority vote of the Judging Committee. The Con Chair Spotlight will be chosen by the Convention Chairman at his discretion. Judges awards will be chosen by the individual judges.


1. One entry per person. No separate entries from the same person. If you enter as part of a group, you may not enter as an individual. If you enter as an individual, you may not enter as part of a group. Groups are limited to a maximum of 12 individuals on stage at the same time.

2. The competition is limited to 50 entries, with no exceptions. If you wish to compete, you may pre-register before the convention via email or register on site at BOOTH #151 in the 2nd Floor Exhibition Room - MACC 1. The registration info can be found below. If you register via email, you will receive an entrant # and instructions for checking in at the show. There is a limit of 30 entries that will be accepted in advance. We will post a notice when that number has been reached. The additional 20 spots will be held for people to enter at the convention. To enter at the show, check in at the Cosplay  BOOTH #151 in the 2nd Floor Exhibition Room - MACC 1 and sign up. Any of the 30 advance slots not already reserved will be open at the convention in addition to the 20 already available. Once the roster of 50 entries is filled, additional entrants will be offered will call slots in the event of a no show, on a first come - first serve basis. All pre-registered attendees MUST check in at the cosplay booth by Friday at 3:00pm or you will lose your spot, which will be given to one of the will call entries. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

3. There is a time limit of 90 seconds for individuals and 3 minutes for groups.

4. When you check in at the COSPLAY BOOTH #151 in the 2nd Floor Exhibition Room - MACC 1, the staff at the table will log you in as an entrant, read your form, and help you (if necessary) in composing the best announcement for your entrance. They will also need any audio CD that you wish to use in your performance at that time. There is no pre-judging. You will given instructions on where to meet for roll call at the registration desk. Roll call will be at 5:45pm on Friday by the main events stage. All participants must be at roll call to be set up for the contest, which begins at 6:30pm sharp.

5. NO microphones may be used by the contestants. All vocals and music must be pre-recorded on a CD with the exception af a written emcee introduction. Contestants need to be aware that anything spoken onstage, without amplification, cannot be heard in the room, or even at the judges' table located directly in front of the stage. To have music or dialog accompany your presentation, you must pre-record it on a CD and you MUST bring the CD when you register so that the track can be reviewed and loaded into our system. Your CD will be kept by the staff in case the track has to be re-copied.  On your tech sheet, you will indicate when the track is to be played during your performance. Untested, unapproved, new or changed CDs will not be accepted after registration has closed - Friday at 3:00 p.m.We can use CDs with any music, dialogue, etc. that you wish - as long as there is no profanity.

6. If you have won an award at another major convention prior to 2013 with the same performance / costume(s), you will be disqualified. It’s a new year, time for a new performance. You may enter if you have won an award at another major convention in 2013 with the same performance / costume(s).

7. No Nudity. This is a family show and will contain young contestants. All costumes/skits must be PG-13, PG or G.

No bad behavior. You know what that means. No trash talking, sabotage or poor sportsmanship. Improper behavior will get you removed from the competition and possibly the convention. Remember, we’re all here to have fun.

No harmful or potential harmful materials will be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: water, cigarettes, flames, fireworks, silly string and any other substance that can be fired, launched or dripped.

 You may pose with your weapon at the competition, however: No waving of dangerous weapons so that there can be an accident. It’s never planned for someone to get hurt… that’s why they call them accidents.This is the only time allowed at the show where weapons do not need to be peace bonded. Thru the rest of the show (in other words – every minute of the show other than when you are on stage for this competition) ALL WEAPONS MUST BE PEACE BONDED. NO EXCEPTIONS! This includes all swords, guns etc…. anything that looks like a weapon, is a weapon. In addition no dangerous props are allowed on the convention floor. If it’s a prop that can hurt someone if you accidently touch them with it… it’s not allowed. If participants are seen using a dangerous weapon inappropriately (play fighting, waving it around, etc.) they will be automatically disqualified and might potentially be removed from the con.

11. IMPRESS US! This is a competition based on performance and costume. The more the judges and audience are entertained and impressed the greater chance you have to WIN!

(1) Register Online. The registration info is posted below – When you register online you will receive an email confirmation with your contestant #. When you get to the show you will need to sign in at the cosplay registration desk and will be given further instructions. You must check in by 3:00pm on Friday afternoon. We will accept a maximum of 30 registrations via online entry. The online entry cut off is June 24, 2013 at midnight.
(2) Register at the convention – Participants will be able to sign up for the contest at the cosplay registration BOOTH #151 in the 2nd Floor Exhibition Room . Fill out and return the entry form to the registration table. You will be given a contestant # and further information. Everyone must be signed in and all forms must be handed in by 3:00 p.m. on Friday.

Roll Call
All entrants must show up 45 minutes prior to the competition for roll call in the Main Events room at 7:15pm.

Masquerade Costume and Performance Entry Information: Please send an email, with the following information to  info@floridasupercon.com prior to the advance registration deadline of June 24, 2013. Any entries not sent in advance by June 24, 2013 must be entered at the convention at the COSPLAY BOOTH #151 in the 2nd Floor Exhibition Room - MACC 1

1. Full Name
2. Contest you are entering. In this case, it is the FSC Masquerade Costume and Performance Competition
3. Email Address
4. Address
5. City
6. State
7. Zip Code
8. Phone
9. Are you entering as an individual of group?
10. Character names that you are representing.
11. What series or property does your character come from?
12. Will you be using a CD for audio or music? 
13. How would you like the emcee to introduce you or your group on stage?
14. Tell us about your skit and costumes. Include any details you'd like us to know about. This section is where you get the chance to share all of the work you put into creating your costume and your skits.
15. Emergency Contact Name
16. Emergency Contact Phone Number

Please email this information to  info@floridasupercon.com 
All entries will be contacted back via email with a contestant # and check in info


Friday July 5, 2013 6:30pm - 7:45pm PDT
MAIN EVENTS STAGE (EAST HALL) Miami Airport Convention Center

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